EMLC Academy Trust was incorporated in July 2012 for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, managing and developing academies and free schools as world class centres of excellence.

EMLC Academy Trust’s vision is that every child deserves to be the best they can: to establish world class primary, secondary and special academies and schools that are centres of excellence for leadership, teaching and learning  and where pupils are safe and engaged in their learning.  The Trust is driven by the moral purpose of making a significant difference in areas where failure has been ingrained and ambitions stunted.

EMLC Academy Trust currently sponsors five primary academies and one secondary academy, with an all-through free school due to open in September 2016. The first two academies sponsored by the Trust were Orchard and Shepherdswell Academies in Milton Keynes. Both have demonstrated excellent progress since their conversions in 2012, with Orchard having been judged Good with Outstanding features by Ofsted in 2014 following superb improvements in Key Stage 2 SATs results –moving from 37% Level 4 and above in Reading, Writing and Maths in 2011 to 93% – whilst Shepherdswell still retains its Outstanding judgement with over 90% of pupils achieving Level 2 in every subject in 2015.

The next three academies to join the EMLC Academy Trust family were Castle Academy, Hardingstone Academy and Stimpson Avenue Academy in Northampton. Even though each academy only joined the Trust in 2014, they have made incredible progress and are awaiting their first Ofsted visits as academies to validate the improvements made. Between the summers of 2014 and 2015 the academies made a combined improvement in the percentage of children achieving Level 4 or above in Reading, Writing and Maths at Key Stage 2 of 71% across the three. These improvements have led the Trust average to rise above the national average and EMLC Academy Trust is determined for every academy to continue on this upwards trajectory.

In September 2015 the Trust began sponsoring Prince William School in Oundle, which became the first secondary school of the group. It has been an exciting time for the academy with 2015 also being the first year that Years 7 and 8 students have been admitted to Prince William.

Northampton International Academy will join EMLC Academy Trust in September 2016 when it opens its doors for the very first time to Reception and Year 7 pupils. The vision for NIA is to create an outstanding and high performing international academy, which offers a strong academic curriculum, specialising in modern and foreign languages. It will be an all-through

The EMLC Academy Trust Board has committed to expanding the group. These plans will see the group grow to between 13-17 academies by 2015/16. This growth strategy has been recognised and supported by the Department for Education.

EMLC Academy Trust’s Vision

Our vision is for schools and academies with outstanding leadership driven with flair and passion, excellent innovative teaching, children and students who are leaders in learning, and environments that promote the drive for ambition and progress to enable:

  • children as leaders in learning;
  • parents as partners in learning;
  • partnering other schools;
  • children flourishing in all aspects of their individual development.

Our Purpose: Every child deserves to be the best they can be

We fulfil our purpose with a relentless focus on great leadership in world class schools; our mission is “to create and deliver academies with the highest standards, deliver excellence for all students, where teaching and learning have fostered students’ curiosity and where standards of attainment and progress exceed the nationally expected levels.”

Key elements of our vision

  • Rapidly become a world class academy trust with a national and international voice
  • Establish world class academies and schools that are centres of excellence for leadership, teaching and learning and are flagships and centres of learning for other academies and schools
  • Be driven by a moral purpose to transform opportunities and change life chances of children and young people who live in challenging times as well as challenging places.
  • Work in partnership with learners, their families and communities to raise aspirations, foster great expectations and achieve ambitious goals

Strategic Plan 2016  – 2019

The Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019 ‘Achieving Outstanding Academies’ outlines the goals and targets of the Trust over the next three years.

The Trust has chosen to focus on two important principles, all academies working towards outstanding and this being achieved at pace.

The Strategic Plan:

  • Shares and defines the vision of the Strategic Board for the next three years;
  • Expands on the Trust’s strategic objectives;
  • Defines the key performance measures that will show our success and the success of the academies;
  • Explains how we will track opportunities and risks in a continually changing environment;
  • Builds upon the individual academy successes already achieved.

Download the EMLC AT Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019

EMLC AT Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019